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Version: 4 Sep 2008 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 7 (Divers)


    pud-faq - faqs and facts about the Portable Unix Documentation FAQ authoring language.

    This document describes the Portable Unix Documentation (PUD) faq mini-language in the style of a FAQ. PUD-faq is built on top of the macro interpreter zoem. A PUD document is generally well-structured, relatively free of formatting statements, compact to write and easily extendable. It can be converted to both troff and html, for viewing in terminals and browsers. High quality Postscript and plain text formats can be derived from the troff output. Refer to pud-man for examples. The PUD faq macros extend the PUD manual macros; a PUD faq document must import both man.zmm and faq.zmm. There are only a few additional faq macros in faq.zmm. The overall layout of a faq document is as follows:


    The PUD manual macros are documented in the pud-man manual page.

    Create your FAQ according to the lay-out above and as described further below. Refer to Question 2.3 for full-size examples.

    Once you have written your FAQ, process it as follows.


    This generates files your-faq.html and your-faq.7. Each device is run twice to be certain that references are found and linked.

    1m 1m • The Zoem User Manual.
    1m 1m • The pud-man manual page.

    0m 1

    How do I create and link to questions and sections?
    1m 1.1
    How do I start a section?
    1m 1.2
    How do I make a faq entry?
    1m 1.3
    How do I link to a question?
    1m 1.4
    How do I link to a section?
    1m 1.5
    Is that not a whole lot of typing just for linking?

    0m 2

    1m 2.1
    Is it really possible to have more than one section?
    1m 2.2
    Is there an easy way to get back to the TOC?
    1m 2.3
    Show me a real FAQ, not this nonsense.
    1m 2.4
    I want to change the appearance of my FAQ.
    1m 2.5