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Version: 12 June, 2000 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


bnproxy -® proxy daemon


bnproxy [-f] [-d dumpfile] [-l logfile] [-p port] [servername [serverport]]


bnproxy is a simple daemon which will relay client connections to a® server like bnetd(8). It has the capability of saving a hexadecimal/ASCII dump of the network records (packets) into a log file. Someday this command might be useful for people playing from behind a NAT firewall.

If no servername is specified, localhost is assumed. If no serverport is specified, 6112 is assumed.


-d --hexdump
Put a hex dump of packets sent and received into the specified file.
-f --foreground
The server normally acts as a daemon and goes into the background. This forces the server to run in the foreground.
-h --help --usage
Print server usage information and exit.
-l --logfile
Put the event log messages into the specified file.
-p --port
Listen on the specified TCP and UDP port number.
-v --version
Causes bnproxy to print its version number and exit.


No support for dynamic UDP address determination (SESSIONADDR[12] packets) has been added. Support for multiple clients is broken because the server becomes confused as to which client to relay UDP server traffic to.




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