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Version: 364454 (ubuntu - 25/10/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)

BSD mandoc


caldavd - Darwin Calendar Server Control Interface


[-hX ] [-u username ] [-g groupname ] [-T twistd ] [-f caldavd.plist ]


is a front end to the Darwin Calendar Server. The Darwin Calendar Server is provides a calendaring service based on the CalDAV protocol, which is in turn based on HTTP and WebDAV.

is a simple tool for starting the server.


Displays usage information
Starts the server but does not daemonize it.
-u username
Drops privileges to the given username.
-g groupname
Drops privileges to the given groupname.
-f caldavd.plist
Specifies the path of the configuration file to read.
-T twistd
Specifies the path to the twistd binary.


The Calendar Server configuration file. It is an XML property list specifying server options such as the port to bind to, whether to use SSL, and the names of other files can specified.
PEM-format server keys for use with SSL.
The server's document root, which is the used as the backing store for the HTTP resources on the server.
Directory containing server data other than HTTP resources.
The server's access log file, in a format similar to Apache HTTPd's access log.
The server's main log file.
The server's process ID file.




Darwin Calendar Server is intended to comply with RFC 2445 (iCalendar), RFC 2446 (iTIP), RFC 2447 (iMIP), RFC 2612 (HTTP), RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication), RFC 4559 (SPNEGO), RFC 2518 (WebDAV), RFC 3744 (WebDAV ACL), RFC 5397 (WebDAV Current Principal Extension), RFC 4791 (CalDAV), and draft-desruisseaux-caldav-sched-06 (CalDAV Scheduling).


was first introduced as part of Darwin 9 and Mac OS 10.5.