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Version: 65968 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


ChkAuth - A script for modify system authentification


chkauth file | yp | ldap [options ... ]

chkauth file [noshadow | shadow ] [-m md5 | crypt ]

chkauth yp [-s server ] ypdomainname

chkauth ldap -s server [-s server ] -D basedn


chkauth is a short perl script for change the authentification method on a system. chkauth always set the file method in first place, but you can only select the second authentification method by this way. For now three kind of authentification accepted file, yp and ldap.

file permit to recover a file mechanish in first place of authentification.

yp is the yellow page (nis) authentification nis require a nis domaine name a least.

ldap permit to the system to authentificate on ldap annuary, you need to indicate one or more server and the base dn of the server. The first on the command line is the first use by the system. If you don't set base dn of the ldap directory, chkauth will try to use root of the server.


chkauth return 0, if the modification has been applied. 1 is a error occured and 2 want said you don't have the binaries necessary for use this system of authentification.


/etc/pam.d/system-auth , /etc/nsswitch.conf , /etc/ldap.conf , /etc/sysconfig/network , /etc/yp.conf


Saugey Vincent <>


nsswitch.conf(5) , pam(8) , ldap.conf(5) , ypdomainname(1)