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Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


cmon - ceph monitor daemon


cmon -i monid [ --mon-data mondatapath ]


cmon is the cluster monitor daemon for the Ceph distributed file system. One or more instances of cmon form a Paxos part-time parliament cluster that provides extremely reliable and durable storage of cluster membership, configuration, and state.

The mondatapath refers to a directory on a local file system storing monitor data. It is normally specified via the "mon data" option in the configuration file.


Debug mode: do not daemonize after startup (run in foreground) and send log output to stdout.
do not daemonize after startup (run in foreground), but log to the usual location. Useful when run via crun(8).
-c ceph.conf, --conf=ceph.conf
Use ceph.conf configuration file instead of the default /etc/ceph/ceph.conf to determine monitor addresses during startup.


cmon is part of the Ceph distributed file system. Please refer to the Ceph wiki at for more information.


ceph(8), mkmonfs(8), cmds(8), cosd(8)