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Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


createvol_rep - create read-write replicated volume


createvol_rep <volume-name> <server>[/<partition>] [<server>[/partition]]... [<volume-id>]


createvol_rep is a front end to volutil create_rep and is used to create a Coda read/write replicated volume. The invoker must specify the volume name (<volume-name>), and the server(s) on which the volume should be created. (<server>[/<partition>]), the partition name is required when the server manages more than one data partition. Finally an replicated <volume-id> can be specified.

createvol_rep first checks in /vice/vol/AllVolumes and /vice/vol/VRList to see if the volume name already exists. If not, it uses the volutil create_rep command to create the volume at each of the replication sites. It then rebuilds the Volume Location Data Base (VLDB) and the Volume Replication Data Base (VRDB).

The optional replicated <volume-id> specifies the "replicated" volumeid of the volume being created. By default, the volume id in /vice/vol/maxgroupid is used. Each time it is used it is also updated by adding 1 to it.

After the replicas are created at each replication site, a new VLDB is built automatically using, and the Volume Replication List in /vice/vol/VRList is updated. The VRList contains one line for each replicated volume. Each line specifies the replicated volume name, replicated volume id, number of replication sites, and the local volume id at each replication site. This file is now used to create a new Volume Replication Data Base (VRDB) using the "volutil makevrdb /vice/vol/VRList" command.


To create a replicated volume "coda.rep" on 3 sites foo, bar and gorp use:

createvol_rep coda.rep foo bar gorp

To assign a predetermined replicated volume id, use

createvol_rep coda.rep foo bar gorp 7F000003

where "7F000003" is the replicated volume id.


This command must be issued at the System Control Machine (SCM). Also, it must be invoked with effective user id of root. This command does not check for return codes from the volutil create_rep command. The invoker must check /vice/vol/VRList and /vice/vol/VolumeList at each replication site to see if the volume was created.



contains information on replicated volumes


name of volume created at each site is appended to it


is used to describe the replicated volumes in terms of its non-replicated members.


is used to check if volume exists


is used to assign a volume id to the replicated volume

SEE ALSO (8), volutil (8)


Puneet Kumar, 1990, Created