Langue: en

Version: 304571 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


gnbd_serv - gnbd server daemon


gnbd_serv [OPTION]...


gnbd_serv manages gnbd devices exported by gnbd_export and connections from gnbd_import. It serves up data from the local disks to the connected gnbd clients.



Print the usage information.


Kill the gnbd_serv daemon. This command will not kill the daemon if any devices are currently being exported. The exported devices must first be removed.

Force Kill.

Kill the gnbd_serv daemon regardless of whether or not there are currently exported devices. This command will try to shut down all of the gnbd_serv processes for the currently active connections before shutting down the primary gnbd_serv process. However, if these processes are in uninterruptible sleep, the primary gnbd_serv process may shut down while a there is still an active gnbd connection.

No Cluster.

This command keeps gnbd_serv from trying to contact the cluster manager. NOTE: With this option, it is not possible to export uncached devices.

-p port

Specify the port for the gnbd server to listen for external connections on. By default, the server listens for requests on port 14567. If this port is changed, gnbd_import must also use the -p option.

Quiet mode.

Only print out errors or questions.

Version information.

Print out version information.

Verbose output.

Print additional messages during the operation of gnbd_serv.


gnbd_export(8), gnbd_import(8)


Occasionally, gnbd_serv -k will not clean up the gnbd_clusterd processes. Once gnbd_serv has stopped running, this process can simply be killed.