Langue: en

Version: November 2002 (ubuntu - 08/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


in.nanoweb - inetd mode wrapper script for Nanoweb


in.nanoweb is run from the internet superserver daemon inetd(8) whenever a request on port 80 is detected. It then starts up a copy of the Nanoweb HyperText Transfer Protocol server to handle the incoming request.

inetd passes the opened socket connection as stdin to this wrapper script.


Usually there should already be a line in inetd.conf(5) which tells inetd to run this wrapper, so you may just have to uncomment it.

Additionally in.nanoweb requires getpeername(1) from the tcputils package to determine the IP and TCP port address from the requesting host, as Nanoweb currently cannot determine this itself (due to limitations of the sockets extension in the php(1) scripting language).


This file contains the line which can enable activation of in.nanoweb on incoming requests.


inetd(8) inetd.conf(5) nanoweb.php(8) getpeername(1) php(1)