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Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


irmp3d - multimedia audio jukebox daemon


irmp3d [options]


irmp3d is the core daemon of irmp3.
irmp3d is a multimedia audio jukebox for Linux. Normally it runs in background and does not provide any screen output. irmp3d can be used to play mp3 files and has support for several input and display devices, like IR remote controls, LCD displays and keypads. Commands can also be passed to irmp3d using network sockets or fifos. A flexible, modularized source allows easy implementation of new functions.


Output help information and exit.
-c filename
Specifies configuration file to use. Defaults to /etc/irmp3d.conf.
Silent operation (no logging except errors)
Quiet operation (no logging at all)
Increase verbose level (more output). May be used up to five times to increase level of output.
-l filename
Log file to use if running in background. Defaults to irmp3.log.
Run in foreground mode and log to stdout.
-m command
Execute commands at startup. May be specified multiple times on the command line.
-w message
Welcome message to display at startup.




Please send bug reports, comments and source code to the current maintainer Jeremy Rosen <>

Originally created by Andreas Neuhaus. Contributions by Josh Pieper, David Glaude, Wilton Wong, Vladimir Nadvornik, David Potter, Volker Wegert Alexander Fedtke and many others. Please see file AUTHORS!


irmp3d.conf(5), irmp3(1)