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Version: 2008 Mar 15 (ubuntu - 25/10/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


mkfs.lustre - format a disk for a Lustre service


mkfs.lustre{--ost|--mdt|--mgs} [options] device
<target_type> is one of
object storage target
metadata storage target
configuration management service - one per site. This service can be combined with one --mdt service by specifying both types


mkfs.lustre is used to format a disk device for use as part of a Lustre filesystem. After formatting, a disk can be mounted to start the Lustre service defined by this command.


Force a particular format for the backing fs (ext3, ldiskfs)
Set user comment about this disk, ignored by Lustre.
Set device size for loop devices
Only print what would be done; does not affect the disk
Set the NID(s) of a failover partner. This option can be repeated as desired.
The Lustre filesystem this service will be part of. The maximum filesystem_name length is 8 characters. Default is 'lustre'
Force a particular OST or MDT index
Format options for the backing fs. For example, ext3 options could be set here.
Set the mount options that will be used when mounting the backing fs. WARNING: unlike earlier versions of mkfs.lustre, this version completely replaces the default mount options with those specified on the command line, issuing a warning on stderr if any of the default mount options are omitted. The defaults for ldiskfs are OST: errors=remount-ro,mballoc,extents; MGS/MDT: errors=remount-ro,iopen_nopriv,user_xattr. DO NOT alter the default mount options unless you know what you are doing.
Set the NID(s) of the MGS node, required for all targets other than the MGS.
--param key=value
Set permanent parameter key to value value. This option can be repeated as desired. Typical options might include:
--param sys.timeout=40
System obd timeout
--param lov.stripesize=2M
Default stripe size
--param lov.stripecount=2
Default stripe count
--param failover.mode=failout
Return errors instead of waiting for recovery
Print less information.
Reformat an existing Lustre disk
Used for optizing MDT inode size
Print more information.


mkfs.lustre --fsname=testfs --mdt --mgs /dev/sda1
Combined MGS and MDT for filesystem 'testfs' on node e.g. cfs21
mkfs.lustre --fsname=testfs --ost --mgsnode=cfs21@tcp0 /dev/sdb
OST for filesystem 'testfs' on any node using the above MGS.
mkfs.lustre --mgs /dev/sda1
Standalone MGS on e.g. node cfs22
mkfs.lustre --fsname=myfs1 --mdt --mgsnode=cfs22@tcp0 /dev/sda2
MDT for filesystem 'myfs1' on any node, using the above MGS


Please report all bugs to Sun Microsystems via


mkfs.lustre is part of the Lustre(7) filesystem package and is available from Sun Microsystems via


lustre(7), mount.lustre(8), tunefs.lustre(8), lctl(8), lfs(1)