Langue: en

Version: 96690 (fedora - 25/11/07)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


news2mail - a channel script to gateway news into email.




news2mail runs as a channel process underneath innd. It is set up as channel feed in newsfeeds, with different mailing lists as funnel entries pointing to it (see below).

news2mail uses a config file

<pathetc in inn.conf>/

to map mailing list names to email addresses.

news2mail causes sendmail to queue the messages for later delivery (to avoid DOS attacks by mass postings). You must run 'sendmail -q' periodically to get the queue processed.


The config file format is simple: comments (start with ``#'') and blank lines are ignored. All other lines have two fields on them. The first is the list name and is what innd uses (i.e. the site field of the entry in the newsfeeds file). The second field is the actual email address to send the article to. In the email message, the ``To'' header will have the mailing list name (i.e. the first field).
 # list-name             address    

a set of newsfeeds entries for these lists would be:

 n2m!:!*:Tc,Ac,Wn*:<pathbin in inn.conf>/news2mail*:Tm:n2m!!

news2mail strips most article headers from the article before mailing. It leaves: From, Subject Date, Organization and Message-ID in there. It add a To header with the mailing list name in it.


news2mail was written by Brian Kantor. This man page was written by James Brister. This is revision 5909, dated 2002-12-03.


ctlinnd(8), inn.conf(5), innd(8), newsfeeds(5), shlock(1).