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Version: 386011 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


purgevol_rep - delete a replicated volume


purgevol_rep <volumename>


purgevol_rep is a front-end to the volutil purgevol_rep command and is used to delete a replicated volume from the Coda system. purgevol_rep determines the replicated volumeIds corresponding to this volume by examining the readable version of the VRDB located in /vice/vol/VRList. It then uses the volutil utility to purge the individual replicas at the sites of replication. Next, it removes the entry for the deleted volume from the /vice/vol/VRList and builds a new VRDB. Finally, it builds a new VLDB using the bldvldb(8) script. Like the other volume utilities, purgevol_rep must be run on the SCM by root.



updated by removing the entries for the replicas of the purged volume.


updated by the remote server as a side effect of purging the volume.


updated by deleting the entry for the purged volume.


bldvldb.sh(8), purgevol(8), volutil(8)


David Steere, 1990, Created