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Version: 14th January, 2004 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


qADSL - Auto-login & keep-alive for Internet connections.


qadsl [-h] [-c conffile] [-p pidfile] [-loPsdvV]


Frustrated about having to "log in" to your paid Internet connection?

qadsl is a small utility that automates the login process to Telia, COMHEM, Tiscali and other Internet Service Providers, ISPs. It features a keep-alive daemon that periodically connects to your ISP ensuring that your connection to the Internet are not logged out all of a sudden.

qadsl works for any type of connection where your ISP has put a login server in your way.


qadsl options are available in traditional POSIX one letter options prefixed with a single '-' or the new popular --long-options style.
-h, --help
Displays a summary of the command line options.
-c, --conf-file=file
Use settings from file insted of default /etc/qadsl.conf or $HOME/.qadslrc
-p, --pid-file=file
Use file as pid/lock file instead of default /var/run/
-P, --port=PORT
Use PORT to connect to on LOGIN_SERVER.
-l, --login
Login to the given LOGIN_SERVER.
-o, --logout
Try to logout, close the Internet connection.
-s, --status
Display status of qadsl daemon.
-V, --version
Displays version informaiton.
-v, --verbose
Verbose, print more information at runtime.
-d, --debug
Debug, print even more information, huge amounts.


First setup your qadsl.conf file with the information you have received from your ISP. It should be at least the name (or IP) of their login server, your login ID and and password.

Different providers have setup their login servers differently. See the sample qadsl.conf file included in this package for help on setting up qadsl for your ISP.

If you have problems connecting the flags --verbose and --debug are really useful tools that let you see all the interactions between qadsl and the login server. However, please note that when the login daemon has started you will not see anything more on your screen. Instead you have to consult the system logfiles. On a Debian system the file /var/log/daemon.log is where qadsl logs go.


Usually the location of a system wide qadsl configuration file.
User configuration file, takes precedent over any global file.


The qadsl.conf (5) man page describes the componentes of the configuration file.


Telia AB ADSL service, COMHEM Cable internet service, Tiscali Internet (ADSL or broadband), or similiar service based on Orbyte Wireless System.


Joachim Nilsson
Jakob "kuba" Stasilowicz
Thanks to these people for making qadsl possible:

Peter Stromberg - code
Kenth Garlov - code
Martin Samuelsson - Initial Debian package
Nicklas Larsson - First manpage.