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Version: 305813 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


qpsmtpd-prefork - Preforkin server for qpsmtpd


qpsmtpd-prefork [options]


qpsmtpd-prefork is the qpsmtpd frontend script which binds to the SMTP TCP socket, and asynchronously forks new children in advance of new connections.


--port port
Binds to a specific port, instead of the default 2525.
--user user
On startup, switch to run as user instead of the starting user. Applies only when started as root (as is normal when listening on port 25).
--limit-connections limit
Accept at most limit simultaneous connections. Inbound connections beyondthis limit will be deferred or refused.
--max-from-ip limit
Accept at most limit simultaneous connections from any given IP address; does not override --limit-connections, if set.
--children limit
Limit the total number of child processes to limit; once all children are handling requests, further connections are deferred.
--idle-children count

Keep count child processes available, subject to the upper bound given via --children. Specify 0 to disable preforking entirely.

--interface addr
Bind to the local address addr, instead of the default behavior of binding to all interfaces. Can be specified multiple times to bind to more than one interface or local address.
--renice-parent delta

Adjust the priority of the parent process by delta, yielding more CPU time to other processes. The default is 5.

Detach from the controlling terminal at startup, to run as a standalone daemon. See also --pid-file.
--pid-file filename
Upon startup, and after daemonizing if applicable, write the process ID to filename, for use by sysvinit control scripts or similar utilities.

Update child process names within the process table.

Print the qpsmtpd release version and exit.
Be somewhat more verbose about logging during startup (has no effect once fully started).
Display commandline help and exit.


Copyright (c) 2006, SoftScan; based on qpsmtpd-forkserver by Ask Bjorn Hansen <ask@develooper.com>