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Version: 51996 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


sgdskfl - SCSI Disk Firmware Load utility


sgdskfl [-aenrx -d devname -f imagefile -m diskmodel -t secdelay ]


Sgdskfl is a program that uses the SCSI Generic interface to send specific SCSI commands to download firmware to disk and tape devices. The appropriate algorithm is chosen, depending on the vendor and product ID of each SCSI device. The SCSI Generic interface requires that the kernel .config file have CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG set.

A log file, named sgdskfl.log is created in the /var/log directory which logs the status of the functions and any errors.

Below is the sequence of events for this utility:

List each device on the system with firmware versions.
User selects a device for firmware load (automatic if using -m)
Read the firmware image file for the selected disk and verify that it is valid.
Verify that the disk is present and ready
Close all open files, flush the adapter, sync any data to the SCSI disks.
Write the firmware image to the disk using one or more 'write buffer' SCSI commands.
Wait 10 (or specified number) seconds before checking for ready status.
Verify that the disk comes ready again using SCSI test_unit_ready commands, and start_unit or scsi_reset to recover if not.
If the '-m' or '-a' option was used, repeat writing the firmware for each specified disk.


Command line options are described below.
This option displays a summary of the commands accepted by sgdskfl
Causes the functions to be performed automatically on all connected SCSI devices.
Specify a unix device name. Only perform these functions on the specified unix device name.
Causes any file writes to be avoided, such as the log file. Usually a log file is created and written to, up until the firmware download begins on root.
Specify this filename for the firmware image. Normally, this option is not used and the filename is formed using the first 8 characters of the model, with the ".lod" extension. For example: "st39173w.lod". Note that this utility uses the raw firmware image without any added headers. The utility will look for the firmware image file first in the current directory, then in the default directory (/usr/share/scsirastools).
Automatically download all drives that match this model string.
Naming. By default, the device names are displayed as numeric sequences (/dev/sg0). This option shows the device names as alphabetic sequences (/dev/sga).
Try to recover a non-ready drive by updating its firmware. Don't test if the drive is ready or not.
Specifies the number of seconds to delay after the firmware is written before the program attempts to test if the unit is ready again. Default is 10 seconds.
Causes extra debug messages to be displayed.


sgdefects(8) sgdiag(8) sgmode(8)


See for a bug list and any later versions of this utility. Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Intel Corp.

sgdskfl is open source software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the BSD License. See the COPYING file included with this software package for more details regarding distribution.

sgdskfl is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.


Andy Cress <>