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ieee80211_input , ieee80211_decap , ieee80211_recv_mgmt - software 802.11 stack input functions


In net80211/ieee80211_var.h In net80211/ieee80211_proto.h Ft void Fo ieee80211_input Fa struct ifnet *ifp struct mbuf *m struct ieee80211_node *ni Fa int rssi u_int32_t rstamp Fc Ft struct mbuf * Fn ieee80211_decap struct ifnet *ifp struct mbuf *m Ft void Fo ieee80211_recv_mgmt Fa struct ieee80211com *ic struct mbuf *m0 struct ieee80211_node *ni Fa int subtype int rssi u_int32_t rstamp Fc  


These functions process received 802.11 frames.

The Fn ieee80211_input function takes an mbuf chain Fa m containing a complete 802.11 frame from the driver Fa ifp and passes it to the software 802.11 stack for input processing. The Fa ni argument specifies an instance of Vt struct ieee80211_node (which may be driver-specific) representing the node from which the frame was received. The arguments Fa rssi and Fa stamp are typically derived from on-card data structures; they are used for recording the signal strength and time received of the frame respectively.

The Fn ieee80211_decap function performs decapsulation of the 802.11 frame in the mbuf chain Fa m received by the device Fa ifp , taking the form of the 802.11 address fields into account; the structure of 802.11 addresses vary according to the intended source and destination of the frame. It is typically called from within Fn ieee80211_input .

The Fn ieee80211_recv_mgmt performs input processing for 802.11 management frames. It is typically called from within Fn ieee80211_input .


ieee80211(9), ifnet(9)


The ieee80211 series of functions first appeared in Nx 1.5 , and were later ported to Fx 4.6 .


An -nosplit This manual page was written by An Bruce M. Simpson Aq and An Darron Broad Aq .


There is no netisr queue specifically for the software 802.11 stack yet.