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Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


srec_os65v - OS65V Loader file format


This format is used by Ohio Scientific OS65V[hy]compatible loaders. This family of machines includes the OSI C1P, Superboard II, C2, C4, C8, and Challenger III, as well as the UK101, and Elektor Junior.

The file startes with a period '.' (0x2E), to ensure address entry mode. then a 4[hy]digit hex address, followed by a slash '/' (0X2F) to enter the data entry mode. The initial address is always present. There is no need for an additional address record unless there are gaps.

Each data byte is represented as 2 hexadecimal characters, and is separated by a carriage return character (0x0D) (advance address). The final return character may be omitted.

The data is concluded with a period '.' (0x2E) to re[hy]enter address mode. If an address to start execution is specified, then the last 5 bytes are nnnnG where nnnn is the 4[hy]digit execution address, and G is the 'Go' command.

Size Multiplier

In general, binary data will expand in sized by approximately 3.0 times when represented with this format.


Here is an example ascii[hy]hex file. It contains the data [lq]Hello, World[rq] to be loaded at address 0x1000, with execution at 0x1003. (On a 6502, this is the opcode for indirect jump to 0x2C6F.)


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