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Version: May 27, 2004 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


phidget-quadservo-calibrate - simple calibration helper for the Phidget QuadServo controller




 phidget-quadservo-calibrate aids you in calibrating servos attached to the Phidget QuadServo controller. Before you can use a servo, you must call phidget_quadservo_set_servo_parameters for the servo, to tell libphidgets about the maximum and minimum pulses that the servo accepts. Finding these is a pain, that's why phidget-quadservo-calibrate exists.

Usage is very simple. You call phidget-quadservo-calibrate with two arguments. The first is the serial number of the Phidget QuadServo controller, and the second the index of the servo, in the range of [0-3].

The servo will then start to oscillate back and forth in a sine wave motion. Using the q and a keys, you can raise and lower the amplitude on one side of the oscillation; w and s raise and lower the amplitude on the other side. The increments and decrements are in steps of 10. Using the shift key allows steps of 1.

Fiddle with these until you found the correct values. These correspond to the servo going to maximum extent on both sides, but still smoothly changing direction according to the sine wave. Once this state is reached, you can type z to exit the program, and you should note the values and use these as third and forth argument to the phidget_quadservo_set_servo_parameters call.


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Martin F. Krafft.