Langue: en

Version: 338159 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tracker-search - Search all content for keywords


tracker-search [OPTION...] EXPRESSION [EXPRESSION...]


tracker-search searches all indexed content for EXPRESSION. The resource in which EXPRESSION matches must exist (see --all for more information). All results are returned in ascending order. In all cases, if no EXPRESSION is given for an argument (like --folders for example) then ALL items in that category are returned instead.
One or more terms to search. The default operation is a logical AND. For logical OR operations, see -r.


-?, --help
Give a short help message.
-l, --limit=N
Limit search to N results. The default is 512.
-o, --offset=N
Offset the search results by N. For example, start at item number 10 in the results. The default is 0.
-r, --or-operator
Use OR for search terms instead of AND (the default)
-d, --detailed
Show the unique URN associated with each search result. This does not apply to --music-albums and --music-artists.
-a, --all
Show results which might not be available. This might bebecause a removable media is not mounted for example. Without this option, resources are only shown if they exist. This option applies to all command line switches except --music-albums and --music-artists.
-f, --files=EXPRESSION
Search for files of any type matching EXPRESSION (optional).
-e, --folders=EXPRESSION
Search for folders matching EXPRESSION (optional).
-m, --music=EXPRESSION
Search for music files matching EXPRESSION (optional).
Search for music albums matching ALBUM (optional).
Search for music artists matching ARTIST (optional).
-l, --images=EXPRESSION
Search for images matching EXPRESSION (optional).
-v, --videos=EXPRESSION
Search for videos matching EXPRESSION (optional).
-t, --documents=EXPRESSION
Search for documents matching EXPRESSION (optional).
-e, --emails=EXPRESSION
Search for emails matching EXPRESSION (optional). Returns a list of subjects for emails found.
-c, --contacts=EXPRESSION
Search for contacts matching EXPRESSION (optional). Returns a list of names and email addresses found.
-V, --version
Print version.


tracker-store(1), tracker-stats(1), tracker-tag(1), tracker-info(1).