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Version: 94342 (fedora - 25/11/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)

BSD mandoc


transmission-gtk - a bittorrent client


transmission-gtk -h
transmission-gtk [-pq ] [torrent-file ... ]


The transmission-gtk program is a lightweight BitTorrent client with a simple, intuitive GTK+ interface.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol which uses a metainfo file (usually with the .torrent file extension) and a central tracker to distribute file data amongst a group of peers. For more information on the BitTorrent protocol see

The options are as follows:

-h --help
Print command-line option descriptions.
-p --paused
Start with all torrents paused
-q --quit
Quit a running transmission-gtk instance

Only one instance of transmission-gtk may be run at one time. Multiple .torrent files may be loaded at startup by adding them to the command line. If transmission-gtk is already running, those torrents will be opened in the running instance.


The directory which transmission-gtk uses to store user preferences, resume information and state, and the socket file used for interprocess communication (IPC).


An -nosplit The transmission-gtk program was written by An Josh Elsasser Aq , An Eric Petit Aq , An Mitchell Livingston Aq , and An Charles Kerr Aq .


transmissioncli(1), transmission-daemon1, transmission-proxy1, transmission-remote1