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Version: 24 October 2008 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tricensus-mpi-status - Summarise the log file of an MPI census of triangulations


tricensus-mpi-status log-file


This utility reads a log file produced by a tricensus-mpi job, and writes a human-readable summary to standard output. It can be used for both jobs that have finished and jobs that are still running.

The logs produced by tricensus-mpi are quite detailed, including timestamps, details of which slaves have taken which tasks, and how many triangulations each task has produced. This utility distills this information into an easy-to-read summary, with one line for each face pairing.

Output will only be given for face pairings that have been examined so far (including face pairings whose processing is still underway), and will include:

whether processing for each face pairing has finished;
the number of triangulations found so far for each face pairing;
the number of subsearches generated and/or finished for each face pairing (only relevant when running in subsearch mode).

The final line of output will state whether the census has finished, and if not, when the last log entry was written.

For further explanation of the terminology used above, see the tricensus-mpi reference.


See the tricensus-mpi reference for a sample session in which tricensus-mpi-status is used.


tricensus-mpi, regina-kde.


Regina was written by Ben Burton <> with help from others; see the documentation for full details.