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Section: 2 (Appels système)


introc - introduction to LAM C programming functions


 Name               Appears         Description
                    on Page
 atkexit            kexit.2         Register cleanup function.
 drecv              dsend.2         datalink message receive
 dsend              dsend.2         datalink message send
 getall             getnodes.2      Get array of all node IDs.
 getcomps           getnodes.2      Get array of all compute IDs.
 getjones           getnodes.2      Get array of all neighbour IDs.
 getnall            getntype.2      Get total number of nodes.
 getncomp           getntype.2      Get number of compute nodes.
 getnjones          getntype.2      Get number of neighbour nodes.
 getnodeid          getntype.2      Get local node ID.
 getnodes           getnodes.2      Get array of node IDs.
 getnodetype        getntype.2      Get local node type.
 getnotb            getntype.2      Get number of OTB nodes.
 getntype           getntype.2      Get number of type matching nodes.
 getorigin          getntype.2      Get origin node ID.
 getotbs            getnodes.2      Get array of OTB node IDs.
 getrent            getrent.2       Get route table entry.
 getrentc           getrent.2       Get & cache route table entry.
 getroute           getrent.2       Get route to reach node.
 getroute2          getrent.2       Get secondary route.
 getrtype           getrent.2       Get remote node type.
 getsmart           getntype.2      Wait for smart router.
 kattach            kattach.2       Attach self to kernel.
 kcreate            kcreate.2       Create local process.
 kdetach            kattach.2       Detach process from kernel.
 kdoom              kdoom.2         Signal local process.
 kenter             kenter.2        Register self process.
 kexit              kexit.2         Terminate self with cleanup.
 _kexit             kexit.2         Terminate self without cleanup.
 kinit              kinit.2         Initialize self process.
 krecv              ksend.2         local message receive
 ksend              ksend.2         local message send
 kstate             kstate.2        Get kernel process status.
 lam_kpause         lam_ksignal.2   Wait for any signal.
 lam_ksigblock      lam_ksigblock.2 Block signals.
 lam_ksignal        lam_ksignal.2   Vector signal to handler.
 lam_ksigretry      lam_ksigblock.2 Retry signals.
 lam_ksigsetmask    lam_ksigblock.2 Set all signals to (no)block.
 lam_ksigsetretry   lam_ksigblock.2 Set all signals to (no)retry.
 lam_rfincr         lam_rfrmfd.2    Increment open count on file descriptor.
 lam_rfposix        lam_rfposix.2   Unix-like remote file access
 lam_rfrmfd         lam_rfrmfd.2    Remove file descriptor.
 lam_rfstate        lam_rfstate.2   Get remote file status.
 lam_rtrfforget     lam_rtrget.2    Load trace data to file.
 lam_rtrfget        lam_rtrget.2    Copy trace data to file.
 lam_rtrforget      lam_rtrget.2    Load trace data to buffer.
 lam_rtrget         lam_rtrget.2    Copy trace data to buffer.
 lam_rtrstore       lam_rtrstore.2  Store trace data in daemon.
 lam_rtrsweep       lam_rtrsweep.2  Remove trace data from daemon.
 lam_rtrudie        lam_rtrsweep.2  Remove data pertaining to PID.
 lam_rtrwipe        lam_rtrsweep.2  Reset trace daemon.
 lpattach           lpattach.2      Attach to remote process control.
 lpdetach           lpattach.2      Detach from remote process control.
 ltot               ttol.3          local to LAM data conversion
 nprobe             nprobe.2        Probe receivable messages.
 nrecv              nsend.2         network message receive
 nsend              nsend.2         network message send
 precv              psend.2         physical message receive
 precvclose         psend.2         Close receive end of virtual circuit.
 precvopen          psend.2         Open receive end of virtual circuit.
 psend              psend.2         physical message send
 psendclose         psend.2         Close send end of virtual circuit.
 psendopen          psend.2         Open send end of virtual circuit.
 rbfparms           rbfparms.2      Set buffer parameters.
 rbfstate           rbfstate.2      Get buffer status.
 rbfsweep           rbfparms.2      Clean buffers.
 recho              recho.2         Echo messages to remote node.
 rflat              rflat.2         Tag and load storage on remote node.
 rforget            rget.2          Find tagged storage; remove tag.
 rget               rget.2          Find tagged storage.
 rload              rload.2         Load a file onto a remote node.
 rpcreate           rpcreate.2      Create remote process from local file.
 rpdoom             rpdoom.2        Signal remote processes.
 rpgo               rpgo.2          Create remote process from tagged store.
 rploadgo           rploadgo.2      Create remote process.
 rpspawn            rpspawn.2       Spawn remote process.
 rpstate            rpstate.2       Get remote process status.
 rpwait             rpwait.2        Wait for remote process to exit.
 rremrent           rrsetrents.2    Remove route entry.
 rrsetrents         rrsetrents.2    Set route entries.
 trecv              tsend.2         transport message receive
 tsend              tsend.2         transport message send
 ttime              ttime.3         Get current time in seconds.
 ttol               ttol.3          LAM to local data conversion
 MPI_Spawn          MPI_Spawn.2     Create processes.
 LAM/MPI Extensions
 Name               Appears         Description
                    on Page
 MPIL_Comm_gps      MPIL_Comm_id.2  Get LAM coordinates for MPI process.
 MPIL_Comm_id       MPIL_Comm_id.2  Get communicator ID.
 MPIL_Comm_parent   MPIL_Spawn.2    Get parent intercommunicator.
 MPIL_Signal        MPIL_Signal.2   Deliver a signal.
 MPIL_Spawn         MPIL_Spawn.2    Create processes.
 MPIL_Trace_on      MPIL_Trace_on.2 Enable trace collection.
 MPIL_Trace_off     MPIL_Trace_on.2 Disable trace collection.
 MPIL_Type_id       MPIL_Comm_id.2  Get datatype ID.
 MPIL_Universe_size MPIL_Spawn.2    Get number of nodes.