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Version: 58951 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 2 (Appels système)


kattach, kdetach - Attach/detach a process to/from the local LAM daemon.


 int kattach (int priority);
 int kdetach (int pid);


These functions allow a process to join and leave a LAM session. An existing process running under the native operating system calls kattach() to register with the local LAM daemon. The LAM daemon must already be running or the operation fails and an error is returned.

kattach() is eventually called by kenter(2) and is therefore typically used in rare cases when a process wishes to change priority or return to the LAM session after temporarily detaching. kattach() cannot be called before kenter(2). The priority argument determines the synchronization priority of the calling process. See kenter(2).

kdetach() de-registers a process from the local LAM daemon. The process "dies" as far as the LAM daemon is concerned. It effectively undoes what kattach() did. kdetach() is eventually called by kexit(2) and is therefore typically used in rare cases when a process wishes to leave LAM control without terminating. The pid argument is the process ID of the process to be detached. A process ID of 0 is interpreted as a request to detach the calling process, and is the normal usage of kdetach(). Detaching peer LAM processes is intended as an emergency clean up measure and is not normal usage.


The LAM daemon is not running.
The calling process is not a LAM process.


kenter(2), kexit(2)