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Version: 2006-03-17 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 3 (Bibliothèques de fonctions)


Apache2::SiteControl::GrantAllRule - A rule that grants permission to do everything.


In your instance of a ManagerFactory:
    use Apache2::SiteControl::GrantAllRule;
    sub getPermissionManager
       $manager->addRule(new Apache2::SiteControl::GrantAllRule);
       return $manager;


Apache2::SiteControl::GrantAllRule is a pre-built rule that grants access for all permission requests. This rule can be used to help implement a system that has a default policy of allowing access, and to which you add rules that deny access for specific cases.

Note that the loose type checking of Perl makes this inherently dangerous, since a typo is likely to fail to deny access. It is recommended that you take the opposite approach with your rules, since a typo will err on the side of denying access. The former is a security hole, the latter is a bug that people will complain about (so you can fix it).


Apache2::SiteControl::ManagerFactory, Apache::SiteControl::PermissionManager, Apache2::SiteControl::Rule


This module was written by Tony Kay, <tkay@uoregon.edu>.