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Date::Manip::Changes5 - backward incompatible changes in Date::Manip 5.xx


This describes all backwards incompatible changes made to the Date::Manip module in the 5.xx series of releases.


For the most part, Date::Manip has remained backward compatible at every release, but occasionally, a change is made which is backward incompatible. These are documented here. Major changes are marked with asterisks.


(*) Recurrences revisited
The behavior of some elements of recurrences changed. These included making the week element (N) refer to the Nth occurrence of a day of the week in the week, month, or year. It is now possible to look at the 3rd Friday of every month for example.
Changed %x format in UnixDate
The %x format used to be equivalent to %D (%m/%d/%y), but it has been modified to use the DateFormat config variable, so it may return %d/%m/%y if a non-US DateFormat is specified.


Changed path separator for VMS
Since ``:'' is used in some VMS paths, it should not have been used as the path separator. It has been changed to a newline (``\n'') character.
Delta_Format behavior changed
The entire delta is exact if no month component is present (previously, no year or month component could be present).


Removed Date_DaysSince999
The Date_DaysSince999 function (deprecated in 5.35) has been removed.


Deprecated Date_DaysSince999
In fixing support for the years 0001-0999, I rewrote Date_DaysSince999 to be Date_DaysSince1BC. The Date_DaysSince999 function will be removed.
(*) Added PathSep variable
In order to better support Win32 platforms, I added the PathSep config variable. This will allow the use of paths such as ``c:\date'' on Win32 platforms. Old config files on Win32 platforms (which were not working correctly in many cases) may not work if they contain path information to the personal config file.


(*) All Date::Manip variables are no longer accessible
Previously, Date::Manip variables were declared using a full package name. Now, they are declared with the my() function. This means that internal variables are no longer accessible outside of the module.
Week interpretation in business mode deltas
A business mode delta containing a week value used to be treated as 7 days. A much more likely interpretation of a week is Monday to Monday, regardless of holidays, so this is now the behavior.
%z UnixDate format
The %z UnixDate format used to return the time zone abbreviation. It now returns it as a GMT offset (i.e. -0500). %Z still returns the time zone abbreviation.
Formats 22nd Sunday returns the intuitive value
The date ``22nd Sunday'' used to return the Sunday of the 22nd week of the year (which could be the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd Sunday of the year depending on how weeks were defined). Now, it returns the 22nd Sunday of the year regardless.
Separator in DD/YYmmm and mmmDD/YY formats no longer optional
Previously, the date ``Dec1065'' would return Dec 10, 1965. After adding the YYYYmmm and mmmYYYY formats, this was no longer possible. The separator between DD and YY is no longer optional, so
    Dec1065     returns December 1, 1065
    Dec10/65    returns December 10, 1965
(*) Date_Cmp added
This is not a backwards incompatibility... but is added to help prepare for a future incompatibility. In one of the next versions of Date::Manip, the internal format of the date will change to include time zone information. All date comparisons should be made using Date_Cmp (which currently does nothing more than call the Perl ``cmp'' command, but which will important when comparing dates that include the time zone).


Date_Init arguments
The old style Date_Init arguments that were deprecated in version 5.07 have been removed.
(*) DateManip.cnf change
Changed .DateManip.cnf to Manip.cnf (to get rid of problems on OS's that insist on 8.3 filenames) for all non-Unix platforms (Windows, VMS, Mac). For all Unix platforms, it's still .DateManip.cnf . It will only look in the user's home directory on VMS and Unix.


(*) Delta format changed
A week field has been added to the internal format of the delta. It now reads ``Y:M:W:D:H:MN:S'' instead of ``Y:M:D:H:MN:S''.


Long running processes may give incorrect time zone
A process that runs during a time zone change (Daylight Saving Time specifically) may report the wrong time zone. See the UpdateCurrTZ variable for more information.
UnixDate %J, %W, and %U formats fixed
The %J, %W, and %U will no longer report a week 0 or a week 53 if it should really be week 1 of the following year. They now report the correct week number according to ISO 8601.


(*) ParseDate formats removed (ISO 8601 compatibility)
Full support for ISO 8601 formats was added. As a result, some formats which previously worked may no longer be parsed since they conflict with an ISO 8601 format. These include MM-DD-YY (conflicts with YY-MM-DD) and YYMMDD (conflicts with YYYYMM). MM/DD/YY still works, so the first form can be kept easily by changing ``-'' to ``/''. YYMMDD can be changed to YY-MM-DD before being parsed. Whenever parsing dates using dashes as separators, they will be treated as ISO 8601 dates. You can get around this by converting all dashes to slashes.
(*) Week day numbering
The day numbering was changed from 0-6 (sun-sat) to 1-7 (mon-sun) to be ISO 8601 compatible. Weeks start on Monday (though this can be overridden using the FirstDay config variable) and the 1st week of the year contains Jan 4 (though it can be forced to contain Jan 1 with the Jan1Week1 config variable).


UnixDate %s format
Used to return the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 in the current time zone. It now returns the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 GMT. The ``%o'' format was added which returns what ``%s'' previously did.
(*) Internal format of delta
The format for the deltas returned by ParseDateDelta changed. Previously, each element of a delta had a sign attached to it (+1:+2:+3:+4:+5:+6). The new format removes all unnecessary signs by default (+1:2:3:4:5:6). Also, because of the way deltas are normalized (see documentation on ParseDateDelta), at most two signs are included. For backwards compatibility, the config variable DeltaSigns was added. If set to 1, all deltas include all 6 signs.
(*) Date_Init arguments
The format of the Date_Init calling arguments changed. The old method

is still supported , but this support will likely disappear in the future. Use the new calling format instead:


NOTE: The old format is no longer supported as of version 5.32 .


Please refer to the Date::Manip::Problems documentation for information on submitting bug reports or questions to the author.


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